Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

Success Stories

Challenge Yourself changes your life.

Our goal with challenge Yourself is to help you and your body achieve maximum change in four weeks, and with our
Program to create a new approach to sports.

We are often asked what results can be expected in four weeks.
No one can tell it better than our participants with impressive before and after photos. Would you like to participate in our before-after
program yourself? You can find all the information here.


I’ve been training with Challenge Yourself for a while now, but I decided to kick it up a notch and complete the 4-Week challenge at the end of October. Actually, without a concrete goal, I just wanted to improve myself in sports
Respect, push it a little bit more. I usually did the sessions first thing at 6:30 a.m. – and I have to say, there’s hardly a better way to start the day in a good mood, fit and alert.

The training is varied and challenging, everyone in the studio is highly motivated and there is always a great atmosphere. For that reason alone, the challenge was a lot of fun, and when you feel so much better after four weeks, it was worth it. The next challenge is sure to follow!


I paid for the gym for 1.5 years and saw the inside of the gym an estimated 10 times. I wanted to end that 6 weeks ago and find a workout that I enjoy. Although you probably can’t see the joy after 20 burpees and push-ups, I manage to push myself to my limits in every workout – thanks to the super motivation from the trainers.

Excuses like “I’m going to work out tomorrow…” no longer exist. With the app, I fix all appointments for a week in advance and import them directly into
my calendar. I can already see the first abdominal muscle beginnings through the newly gained discipline. Still, my whole body feeling has also improved enormously & I have more power now anyway.


Already the first unit convinced me: in the Boot Challenge, you give everything! Motivated by the trainers and by the other participants, you go to your limits and beyond. After four weeks of challenging myself, I felt stronger and more defined, but I was also able to lose 3 kg in the
process. The possibility of flexible scheduling and the different program focuses are right for me!
The next challenge is already booked!


It was a very intense four weeks. I have also changed my diet and the results are remarkable. Not only a weight loss of almost 5kg – also the muscles are more defined and I have a whole new body feeling!!! Thank you and congratulations to your team for starving the daily hog. I am already booked in August and October again fix and am looking forward very much!!!


I finished my 8-week challenge and I am impressed with what you can achieve if you want to.
The photos speak for themselves. Just wow. But what is even more important to me than the “obvious” is that after my spinal surgery, I was able to exercise with less pain after 10 years and, more importantly.
I loved the training sessions.

This was my highlight of the week. Since I used to do competitive sports, my body just NEEDED it. Let’s see what my doctor says about
my spine and posture. I am already delighted with the first results and look forward to a sequel!


For me, the month was significant and helpful. After years of sports and motivation break, I finally managed to integrate
sports into my everyday life through daily training and even after the boot camp. I eventually became fitter, more robust and felt good in my body. Many thanks to the whole team!


After my friend told me about the Bootcamp Challenge, I was immediately curious and knew: I’ll have to try that out!
4 weeks and 16 sports units later, I was not only much fitter, happier and 4 kg lighter. In addition, I made many
great acquaintances. The coaches were tough, motivating and dedicated and the sports program was varied and challenging.

The second challenge was not long coming, and I’m waiting in the wings for the third.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports fan or a sports maniac. Anyone can join!


Bootcamp was the perfect opportunity for me to get back into a sports rhythm. The trainer team is very attentive, pays attention to the exercises’ clean execution, and constantly pushes you.
You can always increase individually with more repetitions
or more weight. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for any fitness level and is guaranteed to be addictive. 4 weeks quickly turned into 12.

My ultimate goal was to feel more comfortable in my skin again. It makes me very happy to have achieved this goal. I don’t want to miss it anymore and will always face new challenges in the varied
training sessions. Always challenge yourself!


After my sister didn’t want to come alone, she convinced me to do the challenge with her.

I am delighted that she convinced me. It was a very exhausting 4 weeks, but it paid off. I was super motivated, but I also felt more and more the urge to improve and give more or everything.

I gained the desire to do sports and want to come back.


I can only say that it was a lot of fun and I feel fitter than ever. Great praise to the trainers who really motivated and responded very individually to each of us.


After years of losing weight and gaining it back, I had become steadily more frustrated with my lack of discipline and unhappy with my neglected body. So I decided to tackle this once and for all at the end of February: a CY workout at least three times a week. The first weeks were hard, the soreness intense, but the motivation was high thanks to the varied workouts, including great coaches and quick changes.

Within 2 months, I was ready (at least mentally) for a double challenge in June. Besides the physical “Bikini
Delight” challenge (5 workouts a week), the mental
challenge of keeping it up during the exam period. The result: In my last semester at university, I managed for the first time NOT to gain weight during the exam period,
despite one or the other stress eating.
The concept was really what I needed and just works a thousand times better for me than a gym membership.

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